Pipeline Freezing

Full Flow Construction Method

Construction Method

Construction Equipment

Annular Seals type hot tapping and line stopping under pressure on non-stop pipeline Construction Method

Annular Seals type hot tapping and pipeline blocked ► Play in Youtube

Short Pipe Install
Short Pipe Install and Welding
Reinforcing Plate Install
Reinforcing Plate Welding
Reinforcing Plate Pressure Detection
Pipeline Hot Tapping
Install the Wafer valves
Installation Hot-tapping machine
Pressure Detection
Take out the Pipe Cutted Piece With Cutter
Annular Seals type Blocked
Annular Seals Install
Pressure balance
Annular Seal blocked execute
Fluid block completion
Replacement Valve
Replace Damaged Butterfly valve
Release balloon pressure
Discharge the inside fluid of plugged pipe
Annular Seal Blocked
Install leak-free occluder machine
Blocking Pipeline fitting
Tightening occluder screw
Completed Pipeline fitting
Remove the occluder machine
Remove the Gate valve
Construction Completed
Install blind cover, Construction Completed