Pipeline Freezing

Full Flow Construction Method

Construction Method

Construction Equipment

Cylinder type hot tapping and line stopping under pressure on non-stop pipeline Construction Method

Cylinder type hot tapping and line stopping ► Play in Youtube

Pipeline Hot Tapping
Welding Four-Way Tee Pipe Fittings
Installation Wafer valves (Gate Valve)
Installation Hot Tapping Machine
Discharge the inside fluid of Hot-Tapping Machine
Pipeline Maintenance & Construction
Cylinder type Stopping and Cutting the pipe which need to be changed
Retract Pipeline Blockage
Discharge Inside Fluid of Line-Stopping M/C
Blocking Four-Way Tee Pipe Fitting
Disassembly Plug Equipment
Remove the Occluder Machine
Disassembly Wafer valves
Install Blind Cover
Finish the Pipeline Change Engineering