Pipeline Freezing

Full Flow Construction Method

Construction Method

Construction Equipment

Cylinder type hot tapping and line stopping under pressure on non-stop pipeline Construction Method

Cylinder type hot tapping and line stopping ► Play in Youtube

Install Tee Pipe Fittings
Install the four-way tee pipe fittings
Welding the four-way tee pipe fittings with pressure
Install the gate valve
Drill the fluid dissipate balance hole
Hot-tapping Pipeline
Install the Hot-tapping machine
Take out the pipe cutted piece with cutter
Drill the Bypass line-stopping hole
Install Bypass Pipeline
Install the Bypass pipeline, Open gate valve
Pipeline Stopping
Install the Cylinder type line-stopping
Cylinder type line stopping work
Cutting the pipe which need to be changed
Change the pipe or valve
Remove the Cylinder type Hot-tapping
Remove the Cylinder Pipeline stopping machine
Remove Bypass Pipeline
Close Bypass pipeline Gate valve
Pipe Fittings Flange Blockage
Install Pipe Fittings flange blockage machine
Blocking four-way tee pipe fitting
Install a Bypass flange blockage machine
Blocking Bypass Tee pipe fitting
Remove the Bypass occluder machine
Remove the Gate valve
Blocking dissipate balance hole
Finish the pipeline change engineering