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Pipeline Freezing Plugging Method - Liquid Nitrogen Freezing Plugging

Liquid Nitrogen Freezing Plugging Method

The type of pipe freezing plugging method, steel pipe is the most frequently used type of this method. All kinds of metal pipes are easy to ultra-low temperature plugs. Almost all plastic pipes can also be used in ultra-low temperature freezing method. However, some special preventive and maintenance measures must be taken. Even concrete, asbestos cement and composite pipes can be ultra-low temperature freezing and plugged.

Advantage of ultra-low temperature freezing method

To making pipeline modifications that can not fluid discharge or downtime. You can save a lot of time and money. Avoid handling waste water or toxic fluids that may be generated. Freezing plugging is a non-invasive method of temporarily isolating the pipeline. The ice plug is stable under normal maintenance conditions and is a safe and reliable isolation method.

The type of freezing plugging

Freezing plugging can be carried out in various types of pipelines, including: carbon steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, asbestos cement, graphite cast iron, aluminum pipe, inner liner, copper pipe, lead pipe, titanium pipe, 1/4"~24" OD, Vertical, horizontal, inclined, noncircular pipelines.

It can ultra-low temperature freezing fluids :

water, wastewater, sewage, cooling water, mud, brine solution, fuel oil, glycol solution, heavy hydrocarbons and oil.

Aluminum Freeze Jackets

Aluminum (stainless steel) outer jacket Freeze Jackets pipe ultra-low temperature freezing system tool, with the outer jacket using liquid nitrogen to freeze the static liquid in the pipeline, the construction pipe diameter range 1/4" ~ 24" pipe diameter. Use the liquid Nitrogen -196°C (-320°F) ultra-low temperature to create a maximum pressure 3000PSI ice plug for disassembly and maintenance in a safe environment without draining the piping system or shutting down the entire system.

Typical applications and industries

Fire protection systems, pipeline modification and repair, valve/pump replacement, pressure testing (leak detection), HVAC/chiller modification, replacement and repair, oil-filled electrical cable pipeline repair, petrochemical plant, petrochemical fuel power plant, nuclear power plant, hospital and Medical institutions, industrial and commercial production facilities, telecommunications industry, water and sewage treatment, shopping malls and shopping centers, hotel and apartment buildings, paper mills, office buildings, fire protection systems, oil refineries, schools.

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