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Since 2011, Chuen Feng Engineering Co., Ltd., put into the pipeline modify maintenance operation and perform Hot Tapping, Line Stop Thermowell Installation, Pipe Freeze construction. We provides customers with the goal of continuous non-stop pipeline construction and reduced operational disruption. Over the years, we have accumulated experience, advanced technology and proposed solutions for different pipeline constructions to provide customers with the most favorable construction plan.

Our client business covers petrochemical industry, power plants, technology factory, hospitals, commercial buildings, water conservancy, hydropower engineering, etc. In recent years, we have actively cooperated with foreign manufacturers to enhance the company’s technical capabilities and create customers with a win-win partnership cooperation.


The technique of isolating a section of pipeline for repairs and additions without interruption of service can solve such as pressure reduce, removing the content inside the pipe, fire using and other problems. It can prevent the danger during work, improve safety, repair can be finished quickly and saving money considerably.

Hot Tapping, On-Line Stopping, Suspended type Plugging, Pipeline Drilling, Frozen Method Pipe.


Application Range

The technique of isolating a section of pipeline for repairs and additions without interruption of service can be applied in spiral-welded pipe, seamless pipe, straight slot pipe.

The task can be done while the temperature in the pipe range from 20" to 80", in special situation ranging from -20°C to 250°C and the pressure in the pipe not more than 100bar can be kept.

The technique of isolating a section pipeline for repairs and additions without interruption service is applied in gas network, urban gas pipe, water pipe network. The use the product can ensure when everything is normal that branch pipe installation, substitution for a damaged pipe, Valve restoration and other tasks can be performed, which prevent the economic loss, eliminate the awful influence on manufacturing, and keeping danger away.