Pipeline Freezing

Full Flow Construction Method

Construction Method

Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment Subsidiary divices and accessory

Sealing Element & Expanding sleeves

Tapping fitting (blind flange) Sealing Elements Expanding Sleeves
BF Bypass fittings-blind flange

Model BF80~BF1200 (3"~48")

Pressure 102kg/cm² (≤ 100 bar)

Suitable for older pipelines tapping, When connected to branch lines

Sealing elements

Model DN100~DN1200 (4"~48")

Sealing elements are designed for use with the FD model suspended plugging machines and plugging head used for plugging on the same size pipeline with features of high-pressure resistance,oil proof, acid and alkaline resistance.

EXPC Expanding sleeves

Model PFEX80~PFEX1200 (3"~48")

Expanding sleeves are designed for use with the EFD model clinder plugging machines. Which are used in hot tap and line stop operation.