Pipeline Freezing

Full Flow Construction Method

Construction Method

Construction Equipment

Suspended type hot tapping and line stopping under pressure on non-stop pipeline Construction Method

Suspended type hot tapping and line stopping ► Play in Youtube

Install Tee Pipe Fittings
Install the three-way tee pipe fittings
Welding the three-way tee pipe fittings
Install the gate valve
Drill the fluid dissipate balance hole
Hot-tapping Pipeline
Install the Hot-tapping machine
Take out the pipe cutted piece with cutter
Drill the Bypass line-stopping hole
Install Bypass Pipeline
Install the Bypass pipeline, Open gate valve
Pipeline Stopping
Install the suspended type line-stopping
Suspended type line stopping work
Cutting the pipe which need to be changed
Change the pipe or valve
Remove the suspended
Remove the suspended line stopping machine
Remove Bypass Pipeline
Close Bypass pipeline Gate valve
Pipe Fittings Flange Blockage
Install Pipe Fittings flange blockage machine
Blocking three-way Tee pipe fitting
Install a Bypass flange blockage machine
Blocking Bypass three-way Tee pipe fitting
Remove the Bypass occluder machine
Remove the Gate valve
Blocking dissipate balance hole
Finish the pipeline change engineering