Pipeline Freezing

Full Flow Construction Method

Construction Method

Construction Equipment

Construction Equipment Wafer valves, Pipe cutting Machines (Subsidiary divices and accessory)

Wafer valves, Pipe Cutting Machines

Wafer Valve Pipe Cutting Machines
SV Wafer valves

Applied range DN50~DN1200 (2"~48")

Pressure ≤ 102kg/cm² (≤ 100 bar)

Wafer valves are designed according with the pressure required which are use in hot tap and line stop operation.
It have two types, manual and hydraulic operation, with main features of big size inside diameter, fit tightly and operation flexible.

Pipe Cutting Machine

The technique of isolating a section of pipeline for repairs and additions without interruption of service is applied in gas network, urban gas pipe, water pipe network. The use the product can ensure when everything is normal that branch pipe installation, substitution for a damaged pipe,valve restoration and other tasks can be performed, which prevent the economic loss, eliminate the awful influence on manufacturing, and keeping danger away.

ModelApplied range
P150~300150~300 mm
P300~450300~450 mm
P450~600450~600 mm
P600~750600~750 mm
P750~900750~900 mm
P900~1050900~1050 mm
P1050~12001050~1200 mm